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4 Ways You Can Avoid the Need for a Facelift

While genetics plays a role in how our face will age to some degree, our lifestyle choices and the way we care for our skin and bodies can actually delay—and in some cases avoid—the need for a facelift later on in life. Here’s what you need to be doing regularly to keep your skin and face looking healthy and youthful au naturel.

  • Get injectables and fillers

One of the reasons injectable dermal fillers are increasingly popular is their ability to add volume and decrease wrinkles with a single visit to the doctor. Results typically last for three to six months and can help delay the need for surgery.

Bellafill stands out as one of the most reliable injectable fillers because it’s both instant and lasts through 5 years. The collagen gel in Bellafill provides immediate volume and lift to correct those pesky smile lines, while the PMMA microspheres work as a scaffolding system that lays the foundation for long-term smoothness

  • Protect your skin from the sun

The earlier you start proactively protecting your skin from the sun with sunscreen, the better off you’ll be. The less damage that your skin incurs from the sun, the healthier your skin will look.

  • Maintain your weight

This one is key. Preventing large shifts in your weight and not getting too skinny as you get older will help to maintain volume and fat in the face. Facial volume is a key feature of a youthful, vibrant face.

  • Don’t smoke

Limiting poor lifestyle factors, like smoking, will help prevent the buildup of damaging free radicals and the breakdown of healthy collagen and elastin that are necessary for healthy skin.

So, remember these tips and defy age today with Bellafill! Click here to learn more.

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