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Collagen & Filler Fatigue
Collagen stimulation addresses filler fatigue

Bellafill provides immediate and long-lasting correction by stimulating your own natural collagen long-term.

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Facial Aging

Youthful skin is soft, supple, smooth, well hydrated, and rich with cells that renew relatively rapidly. As we age, we experience a loss of facial glands, which results in less oil produced, contributing to less moisture in the skin. We lose collagen and elastin, which can lead to the formation of dynamic wrinkles, like laugh lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Due to repeated facial movement, dynamic wrinkles eventually become static lines that are gradually etched into the skin over time. Additionally, sagging can occur because skin is no longer able to bounce back as it did in our youth.

Facial Aging - What happens as we age

Many factors impact the way our skin ages, including lifestyle choices and genetics.

Lifestyle choices, like sun exposure, smoking, alcohol use, diet, and stress, can cause brown spots, rough skin, and wrinkles, as well as the premature onset and progression of aging

Genetics affect all layers of the skin and contribute to thinning, dryness, and loss of elasticity of the skin during the aging process.

What happens to our skin when we age

As we age, the cells within the skin diminish in their ability to produce collagen, resulting in skin that is weaker and thinner (less volume). Agents that stimulate the production of collagen replenish the skin and provide for a stronger and younger appearance.

Collagen – an essential protein for a youthful appearance

Collagen is the main structural protein in the skin. Collagen makes up one-third of the protein in the human body and it gives the skin its elasticity and strength, contributing to a youthful appearance. You can find it in a number of products from serums and moisturizers to injections, waters, and even beers.

All Your Questions About Collagen, Answered

Bellafill is featured in the editorial titled, “All Your Questions About Collagen, Answered.” This editorial offers an in-depth look at collagen from Dr. Michelle Henry, a well-known dermatologist in New York and has a highlight of Bellafill as the only FDA-approved dermal filler that utilizes collagen for the use in both nasolabial folds and rolling acne scars.

Re-volumizing with collagen

Unlike temporary fillers, BELLAFILL® creates a lasting improvement in skin. Its tiny polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres are suspended within a base of smooth collagen gel. BELLAFILL immediately adds volume below wrinkles or atrophic acne scars to lift them to the level of surrounding skin. The PMMA microspheres provide a “scaffold” that supports the body’s own natural collagen production, replacing the collagen gel as it develops over time.

Not all collagen is created equal

More than 20 types of Collagen are found within the body and it’s the most abundant protein found in the skin. It provides tissue, support, strength and integrity. Collagen Types I and III are predominant forms found in the skin.

Bellafill stimulates both Type I and Type III collagen for long-lasting correction.


Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the skin.

Type I

Type I is expressed widely and responsible for most of the tissue strength and integrity.

Type III

Type III is predominantly expressed during wound repair, aiding in the process of healing.

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Bellafill - A Collagen Stimulator

When Bellafill is injected, the PMMA and collagen gel provide immediate correction.

Over time the collagen gel dissipates and fibroblasts migrate in and around the PMMA microspheres.

The PMMA microspheres act as a scaffold around which fibroblasts deposit the patient's own collagen.

What is Filler Fatigue?

Patients are demanding a longer lasting filler because of “filler fatigue." Filler Fatigue refers to the feeling of frustration as a result of having to come back frequently in order to maintain a youthful appearance. A recent Harris Poll Survey revealed that out of the 9 million dermal filler patients in the U.S, this phenomenon is affecting 8 million patients14. Many of these patients are impacted by the time, pain and cost of regular and on-going filler injections.

Physicians Talk About Filler Fatigue

Patients Demand Longer-Lasting Fillers

More than two in three users also claimed that their fillers don’t last as long as they used to. The top reason for not getting fillers as often as they would like is the cost of ongoing maintenance (56%).

Bellafill eliminates frequent injections, provides more value and saves time!

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