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Beauty in Bloom: Tips to Freshen Your Look for Spring

Spring is a season of transformations: the temperature rises, the flowers are budding, and fresh starts abound. Use this season to freshen your look. Here are some ways to give your complexion a beauty boost!

  1. Rethink your routine. Seasonal changes bring their own set of challenges and advantages. You might need a sunscreen with a higher SPF or a lighter moisturizer. Consider using coconut or Vitamin E oil on drier skin and lighter creams for other areas.
  2. Focus on freshness. Flaws in your complexion can make you want to cover up. Instead, start with a smooth foundation with a Bellafill dermal filler treatment. Using Bellafill means using fewer products on your skin.
  3. Get steamy. Preparean herbal facial steam treatment. Sage has astringent properties, while tea tree oil and aloe vera target breakouts and rashes. Lavender is soothing. Eucalyptus oil reduces inflammation. Add any combination of these herbs to hot water and let the steam relax your pores for the next few minutes.
  4. Do some spring cleaning. Exfoliate with a sugar scrub to remove impurities while avoiding damage. Apply with gentle, circular motions for the best results.
  5. Be adventurous! Spring brings new color palettes, brighter combinations, and the opportunity to try new styles at the beauty counter. Switch up your skincare routine to include a hydrating mask or a brightening treatment with a Vitamin C serum.
  6. Mix it up. Rainy and warm days can call for a light astringent such as witch hazel, or one from your favorite brand, while cooler days have you reaching for more moisturizer.
  7. Let it glow. Don’t fear adding some shine to your complexion! The key is to illuminate your best features. Try a highlighting powder or cream along the cheekbones, near the browline, or along your temple.
  8. Finish with a mist. For that dewy look, spritz on a formula infused with botanicals and vitamins as your finishing touch, or between products to seal in moisture.

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