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Bellafill: Lasting Improvements

Lately, we are seeing some great engagement with people on social media. We read every single comment, question, or concern – all of them! People are also sending testimonials about how this unique formulation of collagen gel and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres has the power to turn back the clock, adding volume to their skin and smoothing over smile lines.

You may have seen information on our website about the science of the procedure, and now we now want to share something a little less technical—how this dermal filler makes you feel.

In a word: satisfied.

Right on our webpage, we tell you about how patients committing to a Bellafill session wanted instant improvements in their complexions. They desired smoother facial skin, with volume and lift.

These are the people who sought out a Bellafill injection to reduce smile lines. The question is, were they happy with what they saw after one session, and how did they feel about it later on?

In 2014, after a wide-ranging study—the largest of its kind–of over 1,000 patients who underwent the treatment, we found that the overwhelming majority – 83% – of patients said they were satisfied.

One of our testimonials is from Megan who shares, “Now that I’ve had Bellafill, I just feel so much like myself again…my younger self. All I want to do is smile.”

That’s the power of Bellafill. Beyond the science and the research is the simple fact that looking refreshed and rejuvenated makes you feel good.

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