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Cosmetic Fillers: The Drivers of Anti-Aging Treatment Market

The ever rising demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures and an increasing aging population is driving the growth of both the North American and European dermal filler market.  This growth in the dermal filler market is primarily driven by said aging population, the rising demand for non- surgical procedures along with the introduction of novel application areas.  Absorbable dermal fillers and Hyaluronic acid material have dominated this upward trend as the most popular procedures.  The North America Aesthetic Services Market is expected to reach $28 Billion by 2024!  This growing demand for retaining youth and beauty is expected to increase the overall market share in the United States.   Brands operating in this market, such as Bellafill, are focusing aggressively on innovation and technical advancements and investing heavily to increase the research activities for the development of minimally invasive and less painful treatments

Now, let’s review what dermal fillers are and how Bellafill specifically can help with the appearance of aging!

Dermal fillers are products that can be applied into your skin in order to improve laugh lines, acne scars, frown lines, and wrinkles. Dermal fillers are used to work in cohesion with your body’s natural collagen and elastin to help improve your skin’s deep lines and wrinkles.

Most dermal fillers help diminish fine lines and restore volume by inserting those proteins like collagen and elastin back into the skin. When these proteins are injected into your face they fill the wrinkles and fine lines that have come from lower levels of collagen and elastin. Fillers are an immediate action to improve your skin’s plumpness, enhance shallow contour, soften facial lines and wrinkles, and improve the appearance of recessed scars.

Typically, dermal fillers work for about 12-18 months until your body absorbs all the ingredients. However, Bellafill is clinically proven to be effective through 5 years! We know, pretty amazing!

So…what does this mean for you? This is definitely the time for you to check out Bellafill and see how it can improve your fine lines and wrinkles! Click here to learn more!

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