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High Tech Options

We are living in the era of advanced technology where every part of our daily lives is impacted in some way.  Technology not only makes our lives easier but it can transform our physical well-being as well. In many ways, technology is redefining our skincare routines with many products offering an instant beauty boost!

So exactly how are technology and beauty related? Dissatisfaction with traditional beauty products and the demand for new solutions has propelled the intervention of technology in the beauty and cosmetic industry. The increasing use of devices and tools in daily skincare routines is indeed revolutionizing the way we look at beauty and wellness therapies today because not only are they effective, they also deliver efficient results.

There is an increasing use of the laser for facial cosmetic surgery, along with minimally invasive techniques. These non-invasive beauty treatment procedures not only give quicker results but are also less expensive than their surgical equivalents with a much lower risk factor. In fact, the latest technology is making it much easier to implement these non-surgical aesthetic procedures in the beauty industry.

Take dermal fillers for example.  With instant results and low risk, dermal fillers have a lot of advantages but they’re certainly not all created equally.

The good news is there is a safe and long-lasting way to fill in those wrinkles and fine lines! Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, which often dissolve within a few months, Bellafill creates a lasting improvement in your skin. In fact, the majority of Bellafill patients are happy with their results five years after treatment!

High tech – low risk – instant …and long-lasting results – we like that!  For more information on how Bellafill can help click here!

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