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Life Expectancy on the Rise. Will Your Skin Hold Up?

With rising life expectancy and access to healthy diet and lifestyle people are now living much longer.  In fact, a recent study predicts an increase to age 90 by the year 2030! Now that’s awesome news but it also brings up a few questions such as … how can I care for my skin now so it will be ready for and withstand this longer period of time?

As skin ages, the fragility, thinning and wrinkles you experience come from mainly UV damage.  This means protection from the sun will become one of the most important things you can do for the health of your skin!  We all know that outside activities contribute to our health and well-being and we need to learn to protect our skin while allowing our bodies to get the sun exposure and exercise they need.

Another factor that contributes to and can accelerate the normal aging process of your skin is smoking.  If you don’t smoke, you’re one step closer to a skin care plan for the long haul.  If you do, consider quitting – smoking changes the blood supply to your skin which is known to cause wrinkles.

Many of us are already seeing smile lines appear or turn into wrinkles or maybe our skin isn’t as fresh looking as it once was.  Now is the perfect time to consider using a dermal filler to smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles.  There are many options on the market today, however with the longer age expectancy, you definitely want a product that not only works but one that is also long lasting.  That’s where Bellafill can really help – it’s a different type of dermal filler. Its’ ingredients provide volume that’s both instant and lasting which means you don’t have to decide between looking great now and looking great later.

Approved by the FDA for use in the United States, the revolutionary long lasting dermal filler, Bellafill broke onto the scene in 2006 and changed the face of cosmetic dermatology forever.  With Bellafill, you get natural and beautiful results that really last – for years…yes, years!

So defy age….today …and in the years to come…with Bellafill!

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