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Fall Skincare Tips

As the weather in your area starts to change I’m sure you’re adjusting your clothing choices but did you know that you should also be making changes to your skincare routine?

It’s true – your skin-care regimen needs a serious upgrade once the temperatures start to drop. The lightweight moisturizers and serums you reach for in the summer simply aren’t up to the job in colder weather and your skin is often the first place you see the effects of temperature change.

Don’t panic – you just need to make a couple of easy changes to keep your skin protected.  Consider products with hyaluronic acid as an ingredient because it’s incredibly hydrating and there are some amazing new lightweight formulas that smooth your skin while creating a moisture barrier to protect you from the brutal temps!

Of course, fine lines, smile lines and wrinkles are inevitable no matter how dialed in your skincare regimen is so you’ll also need to consider solutions beyond simple skin care which brings us to dermal fillers.  With instant results and low risk, dermal fillers have a lot of advantages but they’re certainly not all created equally.  Take Bellafill for example:   Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, which often dissolve within a few months, Bellafill creates a lasting improvement in your skin. In fact, the majority of Bellafill patients are happy with their results five years after treatment!  Yes – we said … five years!

Go forth and conquer…both that colder weather and your smile lines!

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