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Filler Fatigue—What is it?

Have you ever thought to yourself:

  • It’s a hassle to schedule and attend frequent dermal filler treatments.
  • My filler doesn’t last as long as it used to.
  • I wish there were a longer lasting filler.

It sounds like you’re experiencing filler fatigue.

You’re not alone. In a recent Harris Poll survey of nine million filler patients, eight million people described themselves as having filler fatigue.

Often, we think we need to sacrifice to ensure we look our best. Sacrifice time. Sacrifice money. Sacrifice convenience. Even sacrifice satisfaction. “It’s just the way it is,” we think.

But we can also quickly tire of the wasted time and money spent on regular filler appointments. To maintain the look we desire, we might be visiting a doctor every four to six months. After two or three appointments, we might give up altogether.

This phenomenon is called filler fatigue. Bellafil, however, has news for you.

When it comes to getting dermal filler treatments, you don’t have to sacrifice time, money, or convenience.

Bellafill is the only proven 5 year filler! The simplicity of this injectable is real. With a Bellafill treatment, you will see smile lines AND time wasted in appointments.

But the power of Bellafill does not stop there. Without having to make more appointments, you will watch as your skin’s volume increases over time. This is due to the injectable solution bonding with your natural collagen.

That’s right. Bellafill is the only one of its kind—a dermal filler that the FDA has approved of as safe and lasting up to five years.

There’s a solution to filler fatigue: simple, safe, and long-lasting Bellafill.

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