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Here Comes the Sun

Winter. It’s come to that point in the year when it feels like it just won’t end. It’s cold and the days are darker and shorter. You find yourself dreaming of a sunny escape or planning an impromptu vacation somewhere warmer and brighter.

Whether you defrost and revive in southern California or at a Caribbean resort, take the opportunity to bring your best look. That means that, before you book your plane ticket or reserve your hotel, you schedule a Bellafill treatment.

This singular dermal filler plumps up your skin, leaving you looking fresh and vacation-ready. In just one ten-minute treatment of this unique blend of microspheres and collagen gel, you will see the results and be on your way. You’ll spend more time picking which bathing suits to put in your bag!

You should know that your cosmetic refresher comes with peace of mind, too. That’s because Bellafill is the only treatment of its kind that is FDA approved for long-term improvement up to five years. In essence, your body works with the Bellafill formulation to build up your natural stores of collagen. Your wrinkles and smile lines fade as your facial skin fills out and looks smoother.

That’s the science of it all, but the experience of turning back the clock seems to defy science. It is pure exhilaration.

How many other decisions in your life require such minor commitment but deliver major results? Your complexion will be radiant, but it will also look absolutely natural. The treatment always allows you to shine through.

Escape those winter blahs. Book two brilliant adventures today—first with Bellafill and then to the beach.

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